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Individual Psychotherapy

We help practicing Catholics and others heal their psychological wounds so they can receive love more freely and love God and their neighbors more deeply, from an abiding peace and deep joy. 


Are you tired of…


·         Struggling with anxiety, depression, anger, shame, guilt or despair

·         Feeling unloved, alone, isolated, or rejected

·         Feeling like a failure and even hating yourself

·         Criticizing yourself or others

·         Repeating dysfunctional patterns in relationships and losing important persons in your life

·         Reliving past traumas

·         Acting out in ways you don’t understand and don’t want

·         Avoiding prayer and relatedness with God because of psychological hindrances

·         Worrying about finding a long-term therapist that can really help




·         Feeling your symptoms fade away as their underlying causes resolve

·         Abiding in a deep sense of peace, joy, and security that generates feelings of happiness and wellbeing

·         Recapturing playfulness, creativity, and spontaneity in a whole new way

·         Sharing a deep sense of relational connection with God and others, knowing you are loved and cherished

·         Expressing deeper kindness and gentleness when you or others make mistakes

·         Finding new, healthy and life-giving ways of relating with others

·         Healing from past traumas in a way that resolves them completely

·         Leaving old, negative habits behind forever, replacing them with new ways of living

·         Not merely tolerating, but embracing suffering with a deep sense of meaning and purpose and without fear

·         Others noticing how much happier and more peaceful you are.

·         Relating much more deeply and closely with God and the Blessed Virgin Mary

·         Connecting with a Catholic psychotherapist whom you can trust. 

 Interpersonal Group Therapy

We help practicing Catholics develop and perfect their capacity to be loved and to love others more deeply, freely and purely in the social microcosm of interpersonal process groups where they can practice new and better ways of relating with a wide range of people. 


Do you wish to …


·         Learn how to accept love from others

·         Discover how to love others better

·         Develop a greater capacity for understanding others and empathizing with them

·         Overcome shyness, social anxiety or insecurity in groups

·         Listen better to others

·         Express your emotions, thoughts, and wishes more appropriately

·         Understand yourself better in relationships

·         Set good limits and boundaries

·         Experiment with new ways of being and relating

·         Better tolerate making mistakes, recovering from them, and taking risks

·         Increase your authenticity in relationships

·         Grow in spontaneity and freedom in relating

·         Become more interpersonally responsible

·         Gain the interpersonal experience needed to help with dating and romantic relationships




Imagine yourself…


·         Knowing you are cared for and loved by other members of the group, a cherished and important part of this social network

·         Understanding others through better listening and greater intuition

·         Improving at loving others

·         Increasing self-esteem in relationships. 

·         Relating more comfortably with the other sex

·         Disagreeing with, challenging, and correcting others appropriately

·         Having more confidence, less anxiety and greater security, not only in the group but in other social settings

·         Modulating and expressing your emotions more effectively

·         Understand yourself better by receiving feedback from the group members

·         Finding much more adaptive ways of interacting with others

·         Tolerating vulnerability and making mistakes without so much anxiety

·         Growing in interpersonal responsibility and freedom in relationships outside the group

·         Having deeper and more satisfying relationships with friends

·         Experiencing a satisfying and enriching marriage in which you are focused on loving your spouse and not worried about having your

                   needs met

 Marital Therapy

 We help married couples reduce marital distress, break destructive patterns of relating, take greater personal responsibility for change, increase mutual understanding, and learn to be loved and to love more effectively in their relationships.


Are you tired of:


·         High levels of marital conflict and distress,  expressed in harsh arguments and the “blame game”

·         Ongoing relational traumas such as affairs, pornography use, or flirting with others

·         Low levels of satisfaction and a lack of positive experiences in your marriage

·         Repeated harmful cycles of dysfunctional relating with your spouse in which you replay the same old scripts

·         Relational neglect, such as long periods of silence, distance, coldness and physical separation

·         Feelings of being misunderstood, alienated or alone in your marriage

·         Confusion about why your spouse’s thoughts, feelings or actions

·         A lack of a shared vision for the marriage, the children, and the future

·         Fantasies about your spouse dying or leaving you

·         Fear and guilt about how your troubled marriage is negatively impacting your children

·         Dread for the years to come in living with your spouse

·         Concerns that a therapist might undermine rather than support your marriage


What if you could:


·         Reduce the distress, conflicts and arguments quickly though the support of and accountability in therapy

·         See that both you and your spouse are taking greater responsibility your own individual contributions to the problems in the marriage –

                    removing the beam from your own eye

·         Understand your spouse much better, seeing fear, trauma, vulnerability and weakness where previously you saw anger, apathy, and

                    disgust, resulting in greater empathy

·         Clarify how the old patterns developed and what sustains them

·         Learn an entirely new way of relating to your spouse, being free to experiment with new ways of being, relating and connecting

·         Unchain your psychological wellbeing from your spouse’s actions and emotional states

·         Recognize more clearly how marital difficulties have their roots in old maladaptive patterns that started in childhood

·         Break intergenerational patterns of dysfunction in marriages

·         Improve your relationships with your children

·         Share a positive vision for the future together with confidence in your marriage

·         Give your children the gift of greater love, peace, harmony and unity in your relationship, a model of marriage worth emulating

·         Increase your capacity to accept love and to love in the marriage

·         Work with a Catholic marital therapist who supports your Catholic Faith

 Trauma Therapy

We bring traumatized Catholic clients and others relief in the short-term and help free them from the rollercoaster of numbness and chaos of symptoms by integrating the fragmented and disconnected memories, thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations so they can gain a deep and abiding sense of hope, peace, direction, meaning, security and confidence in God


Do you want:


·         Relief from the re-experiencing of trauma through flashbacks which are upsetting, unwanted intrusions of images, emotions, sounds,

                smells, bodily sensations, ideas or actions associated with the events

·         Release from the intensity of trauma-driven terror, rage, horror, sadness, grief, guilt, shame, and/or contempt

·         Freedom the from numbness and sense of unreality about yourself and your surroundings, so that you no longer feel like you are living in

                a dream or an unreal world

·         An end to the avoidance of and withdrawal from others due to fear of rejection or triggering of your trauma responses

·         The ability to share your experiences with a seasoned Catholic psychologist who will not be overwhelmed or unsettled by the intensity

                and who will understand you

·         Liberation from self-medicating addictions to alcohol, drugs, food, sex, shopping, gambling, or self-mutilation that you use to distance

                yourself from trauma pain

·         Freedom from hypervigilance and exaggerated startle responses

·         Better continuity and integration in consciousness, memory, identity, emotion, perception, body representation, behavior, awareness of

                time and reality testing

·         Reduced self-criticism, self-blame for events over which you had no control

·         An end to feeling vile, unlovable, tainted or evil because you experienced trauma

·         Improved concentration and attention

·         Better sleep

·         Credible answers to the question “Why did this happen?”

·         Greater security and confidence in God




·         Freedom from the intense, chaotic, unpredictable rollercoaster of trauma

·         Being at peace with your emotions, experiencing a calmness and serenity

·         Having a deep sense of reality within the self and in the environment

·         Being able to connect with others and have new experiences without the fear of being triggered

·         Giving up harmful behaviors because you have better ways to calm down, relax, and feel safe

·         Feeling much better about yourself and your life

·         Being able to focus and get things done without so much effort

·         Sleeping well

·         Answering the question: “Why did this happen?” in a way that is true, satisfying and meaningful

         Being able to experiences relationship with God and Mary in much deeper ways.

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